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Apply for an Initial Nursing License
Applicants applying for a re-exam must re-register as a new applicant
with a new user id and password.

If you are a Facility license applicant or holder, please click Here to apply for or
renew a facility license.

In order to apply for an initial/endorsement nursing license you must:
  1. Register.
  2. Add education information.
  3. Complete a questionnaire.
  4. Pay the fee (Click Here to Review Fees).

    The application checklists and extra documents with instructions for your license type can be downloaded from Online Application Documents folder.

    NCLEX Examinees - all documents specified in the Initial Licensure Application will
    need to be submitted before your application can be processed.

Press the Continue button to Register and begin the Application process.
Renewals - Search for Existing Nursing License
In order to renew an existing license or submit name and address changes, you must create a username and password and associate it to your records. This form allows you to search for your existing personal/professional records.
  1. Enter your entire license number (ie "RN-12345" or "R98765") and registration code into the two fields below.
  2. Press the Search button to search for your records based on the information you provided.

NOTE: Your Registration Code is provided to you by the state and is usually printed on your renewal notice. If you do not have a registration code, click here to view contact information for the New Mexico Board of Nursing.

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