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Apply for an Initial Nursing License
In order to apply for an initial nursing license you must:
  1. Register as a new person.
  2. Add education information.
  3. Complete a questionnaire.
  4. Pay the examination fee.
  5. Submit* all relevant documentation as specified in the initial licensure packet.

    *All documents will need to be submitted before your application can be processed.

    Press the Initial License Button to Register and begin the Initial Application process.
Renewals - Search for Existing Personal/Professional Records
In order to renew an existing license or submit name and address changes, you must create a username and password and associate it to your records. This form allows you to search for your existing personal/professional records.
  1. Enter your entire license number (ie "RN-12345" or "R98765") and registration code into the two fields below.
  2. Press the search button to search for your records based on the information you provided.

NOTE: Your Registration Code is provided to you by the state and is usually printed on your renewal notice. If you do not have a registration code, click here to view contact information for the New Mexico Board of Nursing.

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